Robert Taylor

  • ‘Brilliant show. very funny, witty, inventive, refreshingly different, beautifully delivered’
    - Lovefringe
  • ‘Somewhere between The Flight of the Conchords’ spot-on parody and Tim Minchin’s witty word-play lies homegrown talent Robert Taylor’
    - Theatre Press
  • ‘With clever lyrics, an excellent singing voice and accomplished keyboard chops, Taylor’s songs are highly entertaining’
    - Theatre Press
  • 'Add a great voice and his talent on the ivories and you have an excellent show! One to watch for as Taylor is going places’
    - Lovefringe
  • ‘Taylor shows off his fine talent as a song writer and raconteur playing wonderfully ironic songs, with modern Cowerd-esque lyrics’
    - Fringe Review
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Theatre Press Review "Brilliant Show, Beautifully Delivered"


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Awesomeness Audience Comments

  • ‘Witty, inventive, refreshingly different. Add a great voice and his talent on the ivories and you have an excellent show! One to watch for as he's going places.’

    • ‘I loved this show! Rob Taylor should be welcomed to hollywood with open arms. Amazing piano playing and cheeky lyrics made for a thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining evening. Highly recommended.’

      • ‘brilliant show. Very funny and beautifully delivered.’

        • ‘very talented performer, very funny show, laughed throughout. Recommended.’

          • ‘fantastic show im going back to hear more piano the guy is hot’

            • ‘I thought the show was truly fantastic - loved it!’

              • ‘Outstanding.’

                • ‘This performer will be global one day soon Unbelievable voice songs and charisma A must see!’

Rumour File

Kanye West, Kim Kardashion Love Triangle. Robert Taylor implicated!

Robert Taylor changes his name to Alfonso Goonie Goohoo.

Lindsay Lohan falls in to relapse after serenade by Robert Taylor.

Robert Taylor claims to have invented the question mark!!?

Alfonso Goonie Goohoo changes his name back to Robert Taylor!

Breaking news: Harry Styles quits one direction

Robert Taylor to replace Harry Styles and offically announced as the new One Direction band member!


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